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Read This!!

Read This!!Hang on! Is your supplier OK?

Right now, the used car export business in Japan is booming. However, importers are being cheated in the middle of this booming growth. Here are the Seven Commandments of Auto Galaxy that will protect you from shady exporters.

1. Does your supplier really have the vehicle you want in stock or is he just lying?
As a rule, Japanese used car dealers maintain a stock. A customer will buy a vehicle after going there, seeing the vehicle and driving it himself.
However, this is impossible for those of you who live outside of Japan.
Anyone can offer a used vehicle to you if he has the Internet and the mobile phone even though he has no stock.
For example, he can post photographs and the details of popular vehicles (e.g. Toyota Land Cruise and Hiace Commuter) without permission, as if it were his own stock.
2. Is your supplier claiming to be fantastic with a huge depot and thousands of vehicles in it?
No one can afford to have that many.
It costs a huge amount of money to rent parking space in Japan and it’s also very difficult to keep it for a long time.
It costs a lot of money to maintain stock so many people sell off their vehicles quickly at auction for quick capital.
Same people even use photos of vehicles waiting at auction yards or port and pass it of as their own depot.
3. Does your supplier have any knowledge of automobiles?
Most people become instant suppliers in this boom of used car exports without any knowledge of automobiles. It would be a shame for you to get cheated.
4. Does your supplier have an actual office and address?
The number of fraud cases using phones and the Internet is increasing rapidly in Japan.
All Japanese companies should have land line telephone.
In Japan, you shouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t have a land line number.
5. Is your supplier offering suspiciously low prices?
In Japan, the prices for vehicles are very standard. If you see a vehicle advertised for a significantly lower price, there is a strong chance that the vehicle has been patched up using new body panels after an accident or has been tampered with. This can make the car leak when it rains or make the car liable to skid or have unresponsive steering. When a car that has been through an accident is sold, we have to explain its entire history to the buyer. This does not happen with shady Internet swindlers.
6. Does your supplier put chassis number in invoice?
Customer should always be worry if the chassis number of the vehicle they are purchasing is not disclosed on the invoice they receive. The luck of a chassis number often indicates that the company in question actually carries no stock. Please be vigilant in all you’re dealing with suppliers.
7. Does your supplier have a long history of operation and an established reputation?
In Japan, we trust businesses with long histories. A respectable dealer will find you vehicle you want even if he does not have it in stock. A good dealer will be well-connected within the industry and make sure that your money is well spent.

If you can make use of these Commandments, we feel sure that vehicle exports from Japan will go more smoothly than they have done in the past. We sincerely hope that you can find the perfect vehicle for you without running into any problems.

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