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Welcome Princess Irene

On the 5th January, 2010 Princess Irene visited our Saitama Depot from the Uganda Embassy.

In December of last year, Mr. Yamada of our company met with her royal highness at the Uganda Embassy in Tokyo. At present, the Republic of Uganda is experiencing rapid development and as a result both traffic jams and road accidents are frequently occurring. One cause of such accidents is the excise use of ‘MATATU’ as public transportation. (10-15 seater, minibuses, the Toyota Hiace and the Nissan Caravan are frequently used as MATATU)

It is believed that replacing these Matatu with larger route buses running regular routes would do much to ease traffic conditions. Our company is a specialist retailer and supplier of microbuses and medium class buses.

It is also believed that the introduction of Japanese driving school vehicles equipped with dual controls and additional mirrors would contribute to the training of responsible driver. This, in turn would help reduce the number of accidents. Following Mr. Yamada’s presentation, her Royal Highness expressed great interest in our company’s services. A few days later, her Royal Highness graciously came to our depot in Saitama to view our large buses, microbuses and driving school vehicles including our Toyota Comforts and Mitsubishi Lancers.

We take pride in our good relations with the Republic of Uganda and enjoy a great deal of mutual trust.