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“Hanami” We Japanese love cherry blossoms

In Japan, it starts getting warmer from March. People who have spent the cold winter hidden away indoors begin to venture out and enjoy sports and leisure. In April the cherry trees come into full bloom. Japanese people love to picnic, sat on sheets under these beautiful trees.

Along with dancing and singing, there is food and drink. Everyone comes together in a joyful sprit to celebrate the passing of the hash winter and the promise of the fresh, new spring.

After coming into bloom, the blossoms only last for 3 to 4 days before they being to fall and scatter. As the blossoms are very short-lived, they have a poetic appeal to us. We can draw parallels between the fate of the blossoms and the reality of our own lives. The blossoms open and offer us a brief moment of splendid beauty before they fade and wilt. This idea of transient beauty is key to Japanese culture. For us cherry blossoms represent the short, beautiful and fleeting nature of life.